On 17 February 1998, Franciszek Gryboś, Bogdan Grodziński, Janusz Sobczyk and Małgorzata Grad signed a notarial deed establishing Małopolska Grupa Geodezyjno-Projektowa S.A. with its registered office in Nowy Sącz. In 2000, the registered office of the Company was moved to Tarnów (where it is still today).

In fact, the operating activity of MGGP commenced in September 1998 after the acquisition of employees from other partnerships, transfer of assets and assignment of contracts for the completion of works. At the beginning, the Company had about one hundred employees.
After changes in the ownership structure of MGGP conducted in 2010, Franciszek Gryboś spółka komandytowa (Franciszek Gryboś limited partnership) became the sole shareholder of the Company.

The first years of existence of MGGP involved, first of all, activities within the area of geoinformation, the Company was granted, inter alia, the license to produce topographic maps at a scale of 1:10,000, it also expanded its offer by adding photogrammetric works, which constituted the basis for subsequent implementation and development of laser scanning technology. In 2002, MGGP commenced providing services within the scope of road, environmental protection, water engineering and spatial planning projects. One year later, MGGP signed its first contracts within the scope of project management and owner’s representative services (within the transportation and environmental engineering industries). In 2004, the intensification of activities on foreign markets took place (Libya and Lebanon). Subsequent years involved continuous development of the Company on every field of its activity i.e. in engineering, architecture and geoinformation, expansion of offer of rendered services as well as commencing new activities. At the same time, by means of establishment or acquisition of companies specialising in specific industries, the MGGP Group was built, currently comprising domestic and foreign entities.

The previous years of MGGP’s activities allowed it to acquire experience and strengthen the position of the Company on the market as well as to build organisational structure, which enables efficient implementation of projects and ensures optimum functioning of the Company.

MGGP S.A. continues the activities of four civil partnerships, i.e.:

- Zakład Geodezji s.c. “Gryboś-Sobczyk” in Gorlice,
- Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Geodezyjno-Kartograficznych “Grad-Grodziński” in Tarnów,
- Sądeckie Przedsiębiorstwo Geodezyjno-Projektowego s.c. in Nowy Sącz,
- Biuro Geodezyjne “Pentagon” in Nowy Targ,

which were established at the end of the ‘80s.