The first decision for Baltic Pipe project

(27th May, 2019)
On 15 May 2019 Zbigniew Hoffmann, the Voivode of Wielkopolska issued the alocation decision for the construction of the high pressure gas pipeline between Goleniów and Lwówek, which is one of the components of the Baltic Pipe project. The project aims at creating a new natural gas supply corridor from Norway and therefore strengthening the energy security of our country.
This is the first location decision obtained for the Baltic Pipe project. As the Voivod emphasised, the investment will enable the creation a new route for natural gas supplies from Norway to the Danish and Polish markets as well as to end users in the neighbouring countries.
The decision was issued for the needs of the Investor, i.e. the Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. The Goleniów – Lwówek gas pipeline will be approx. 191 km long with a nominal diametre of 1000 mm and a max. working presure of MOP 8,4 MPa. The contractor of project documentation for the gas pipline is MGGP S.A., which will also be in charge of exercising the author’s supervision over the investment.