Responsible partner

Since its establishment, MGGP has been trying to actively participate in the life of our region by supporting various initiatives that stimulate the region's cultural, scientific and sports development. For many years, we have been sponsoring:
  • the Volleyball Club in Gorlice, that brings together young people from schools in Gorlice region and which is successful on national level,
  • the Male Basketball Team of the Interschool Sports Club in the Youth Palace in Tarnów,
  • the Cathedral Choir for Girls „PUELLAE ORANTES TARNOVIENSIS” in Tarnów, the laureate of many competitions all around Europe as well as the Fryderyk award in 2012,
  • Cantores Karwacjanum, Choir in Gorlice, successful in Poland as well as on international arena
MGGP S.A. cooperates with leading academic centres in Poland, actively participating in the education of future engineers. The aim of this cooperation is to exchange knowledge and experiences, as well as to create long-term perspective of development both for the students as well as for the Company.
  • For 5 years, we have been cooperating with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, supporting the Scientific Society of Surveyors Dahlta by organising vocational trainings and internships for students, participating in job fairs. 
  • The President of the Management Board of MGGP S.A., Franciszek Gryboś, is a member of scientific and programme boards in many prestigious universities inter alia: the Stakeholders Board at the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Land Surveying of the University of Agriculture in Cracow, the Economic Board at the Faculty of Construction and Environmental Engineering of the Rzeszów University of Technology, where he actively participates in the process of improvement and modernisation of education process and the improvement of conditions for the implementation thereof.