MGGP has 20 years of experience in preparation and management of investment processes and in supervision over their implementation by means of using state-of-the-art and cost-effective solutions. We focus especially on projects connected with road and railway infrastructure, environmental protection, investments in transmission lines and enclosed structures.
Our services cover the preparation of conceptual design, detailed engineering designs, contract management, inspection and owner’s representative services. We also prepare detailed descriptions of the Works as well as reliable assessments of hazards and risks that may occur during project implementation.
Detailed scope of services:
  • preparation and updating of maps for design purposes,
  • reporting of land surveying and cartographic works to a relevant Geodetic and Cartographic Documentation Centre and acquisition of “usefulness for designing purposes” clause for maps,
  • preparation of designs of segregation of land property intended to be acquired and obtaining of lawful segregation decisions from relevant national administration authorities,
  • preparation of property appraisal reports by property appraisers, who determine the value of compensation for properties and prepare estimations of damages for land seizure,
  • obtaining of documents as well as formal and legal decisions necessary for land acquisition,
  • field works inter alia: topographical survey, survey of underground devices, stabilisation of points,
  • activities connected with conducting measurements of wetted cross sections, geodetic processing of river cross sections and surveying as well as preparation of geodetic documentation of civil engineering structures,
  • obtaining of approvals, decisions, agreements and opinions necessary for the performance of works, especially pertaining to the occupied grounds and easement of utilities.
  • construction and reconstruction of roads, motorways, bridges, viaducts,
  • railway - designs of track layouts together with railway subgrade and drainage, designs of platforms, traction networks with traction power systems,
  • power industry and telecommunications engineering - designs of electric power supply (LV, MV, HV), telecommunications networks, designs of road lighting, traffic lights,
  • environmental protection - modernisation of wastewater treatment plant, vegetation surveys, on-completion analyses, environmental impact assessments,
  • hydroengineering - improvements of river/stream banks,
  • site supervision.
  • Representation of the Investor before the Contractor and third parties to the contract,
  • administration, management and coordination - monitoring of work progress according to the adopted schedule, preparation of work progress reports, analysis and prevention of possible risks during the implementation of investment process,
  • financial supervision over a construction site - preparation of financial accounts between the Contractor and the Investor, control of expenditures during investment implementation, verification and acceptance of Contractor’s financial claims,
  • technical supervision - conducting of regular inspections on site, control of compliance of works with the contract,
  • legal supervision - settlement of disputes between the Investor and the Contractor.
  • preparation of tender documentation (ToR) and participation in tender procedures,
  • contract consulting, technical assistance and project management,
  • grant applications,
  • social consultations and trainings,
  • project monitoring and evaluation.