Water resources management requires a holistic approach - referring to all fields of human life, the economy and environmental needs. Furthermore, when planning and implementing any infrastructural solutions, we should care about the sustainability of natural systems and continuity of functioning of the environment by reducing pressures on vulnerable areas and trying not to create barriers for the functioning of nature.
The aforementioned considerations accompany the work of our teams that are engaged in MGGP SA in water management and environmental analyses. This group of experts experienced in environmental engineering, hydrology, hydraulic engineering and environmental protection, using applicable methods in their work supported by GIS analyses, is a guarantee of high quality planning documents, reports and environmental analyses. The cooperation of the engineering staff with the environmental team already at the stage of planning and designing of infrastructural solutions enables the fulfilment of the principle of sustainable development.
MGGP SA’s extensive experience is based on the preparation of numerous output materials and planning documents at country, river basin, region or catchment area levels or individual solutions in individual fields:
Detailed scope of services:
Development of planning documents, analytical and conceptual studies in water management referring to:
  • water conservation and management of water resources,
  • flood risk management,
  • counteracting the effects of droughts,
  • maintenance of waters
with the use of:
  • mathematical models of catchment areas for the preparation of water-economic balance,
  • rainfall-runoff hydrological models,
  • hydraulic models (one- and two-dimensional),
  • GIS spatial analyses;
  • design studies on the regulation of rivers and streams ,
  • designing of hydro-engineering structures;
  • analyses and conceptual solutions regarding the drainage of precipitation waters and water supply based on the mathematical simulation model;
  • conducting of strategic environmental impact assessments for plans, programmes,
  • performance of environmental impact assessments for investment projects,
  • development of conservation plans of national parks,
  • development of plans of conservation measures for NATURA 2000 areas and nature reserves,
  • development of landscape conservation studies,
  • pre-construction surveys,
  • dendrological surveys.