The need for information with spatial reference to the surface of Earth is the result of growing interest in the issue of environmental protection and the necessity for ongoing monitoring of changes occurring in the natural environment.
Geoinformation provides data necessary for the decision making process with regard to the management of natural resources, business activity, organisation of social life.
MGGP S.A. is a recognised leader on the market of services connected with geoinformation. Owing to state-of-the-art technologies, qualified and experienced staff of experts, we provide our Clients with a complete model of shaping urban space that meets the highest standards of quality, accuracy and reliability and which can be used as a key tool in the decision making process.
Detailed scope of services:
  • comprehensive surveying services under contracts primarily for road and railway investment projects,
  • preparation of post-completion surveys,
  • VMap level 2 vector maps at a scale of 1:50,000,
  • thematic maps - Maps of Hydrographic Division of Poland at a scale of 1: 10,000.
  • aerial photographs and laser scanning,
  • processing of data acquired from laser scanning (LIDAR),
  • 3D vector maps, including for the purposes of building spatial models of cities and preparation of 3D models of buildings, level of detail LOD 2,
  • preparation of DTM and DSM,
  • orthophotomaps in real colours and infrared.
  • divisions of land plots, demarcation of properties,
  • preparation of documentation for legal purposes,
  • creation of Databases for Land and Building Registers.
  • preparation and updating of Databases of Topographic Features (BDOT10k) together with KARTO BDOT10k,
  • passporting and entering data of infrastructure management systems in enterprises engaged in the transmission of utilities,
  • development of dedicated software,
  • internet portals of integrated spatial information,
  • spatial information systems for cities, poviats and communes.
  • coversion, archiving and creation of technical documentation repositories.