IT Services and Systems

IT should shape the business and we know how to do it. Our strength is highly specialised and experienced staff.     
For many years, the IT Office of MGGP S.A. has been providing a variety of IT services including inter alia:
  • administration of IT infrastructure, we manage numerous servers, matrices of large surfaces, advanced backup and data archiving systems, virtualisation environments and elements that influence IT security of a company,
  • creation of software according to individual needs and specifications for various areas, our business systems allow inter alia comprehensive management of resources, employees’ working time, communication, and therefore, they contribute to the optimisation of procedures and functional efficiency of an organisation; created production applications are usually compatible with spatial data providing users with various data and functions available to be used for maps; mobile applications for tablets and smartphones allow fast and efficient data exchange, acquisition thereof from the area e.g. with the use of GPS,
  • management and programming of databases (Oracle / MS SQL / PostgreSQL) including also for 2D/3D spatial data,
  • services of data migration and consolidation, inter alia under CMS, ERP, SCADA, Business Intelligence, GIS and other,
  • services of conversion and modelling of 2D/3D spatial data for more than 300 various formats of CAD, GIS, point cloud, XML and other - no need to buy many various and expensive licences!
  • services and tools for verification and reporting of data quality with regard to inter alia: implementation and consulting services
    • completeness,
    • consistency,
    • continuity,
    • compliance with guidelines, including also of 2D/3D spatial data,
  • implementation and consulting services.